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Health Informatics is fundamental to the delivery of healthcare. The need for skilled health informaticians will only continue to grow as the volume of health information grows and we strive to improve healthcare outcomes and health service delivery.

Health informaticians work at the intersection of healthcare and information technology, across a vast range of delivery models and settings.

Benchmark your skills and competencies in today’s
rapidly evolving digital health workplace

Register at a time that suits you, review the study guide,
take the online exam, gain national certification as a health
informatician and earn the right to use the CHIA credentials

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The Edge

CHIA provides competitive job advantage, recognition, independent evaluation and helps shape career paths.


HIA makes your life easier – CHIA assists your evaluation process for recruitment, performance evaluation and to motivate your team to enhance their skills and knowledge.

You're invited!

You and your workplace are invited to take part in the digital capacity building through our unique certification program CHIA.


CHIA is Australia’s independent certification of health informatics professionals, developed by HISA, ACHI and HIMAA.


CHIA tests the core competencies identified to support our future health system and is designed to be the national platform for digital health professionals’ learning, growth and development over the next decade.


The CHIA qualification has been designed to address the lack of formal recognition for health informatics skills in the Australian health workforce.